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!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Buried Threads ✐ Author Kaylin McFarren – Plummovies.info Rachel S Mouth Sagged You Mean You Re Really A Monk But How S That Possible You Re Not Even Wearing A Robe, And Your Hair He Simply Smiled Rachel Lyons And Chase Cohen Work Together As The Successful Owners Of A Treasure Hunting Company But A Seemingly Simple Assignment To Track Down A Priceless Gem That Is Believed To Be Buried In A Shipwreck Deep Within The Sea Of Japan Takes A Startling, And Dangerous, Turn Faced With A Monk S Dark Prophecy That A Natural Disaster Will Soon Strike Japan, Killing Millions, Rachel And Chase Must Embark On The Mission Of A Lifetime In Order To Uncover The Three Cursed Samurai Swords That Can Avert The Catastrophe Chaos Ensues As Their Adventure Takes Them From Shark Infested Waters And Creepy Caves To Haunted Hidden Tombs And A Confrontation With Yakuza Gang Members Time Is Running Out As The Prophecy S Day Of Reckoning Draws Near Will Rachel And Chase Succeed Before Disaster Strikes A Disturbing Prophecy Sends A Treasure Hunting Duo On An Urgent Race To Rescue A Country In Kaylin McFarren S Heart Pounding New Novel, Buried Threads Full Of Erotic Suspense And Wild Adventures, This Is One Trip That Readers Will Never Forget This review and at www.tattooedbookreview.com My Rating 4.5 StarsIn this world, all lust is grief In this exciting story of romance and adventure, two professional treasure hunters are thrown in to an unfamiliar world, filled with ancient religions and modern gangsters East meets west when the Rachel and Chase must navigate dangerous waters, booby trapped tombs, human traffickers, and Japan s mysterious culture, religion, and dangerous Yakuza assassins The fish out of water aspect is multi layered and wonderfully detailed and is a fantastic backdrop to this exciting, sexy, and dangerous book.My head was spinning as I eagerly turned the pages, following a vast cast of characters as the story unraveled with surprise after surprise From the beginning, I felt like I had the characters pegged, but they constantly challenged any pre conceived notions I may have had as their stories developed I became invested in all of the characters, even the villains But, Rachel and Chase had my greatest loyalty and I enjoyed their romance and the way they overcame adversity, not just in their relationship, but in the face of grave danger.The action and adventure of an Indiana Jones movie, the murderous intrigue of the yakuza, and the mystique of geishas and monks all swirl around a pair of sexy and brave treasure hunters This is a huge and exciting story, beautifully realized as emotion blends with suspense A nail biting climax is followed up by a satisfying conclusion and the promise of much to come from these great characters and their engaging worldSometimes you just need to have a little faith before you dive in And what is the pool s deep and you can t swim , she asked Then you learn how to tread waterI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Please see Boundless Book Reviews for the review, that will post at a later date. Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren is a 2013 Creative Edge Publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Book Blurb Rachel Lyons and her partner Chase Cohen accept a contract to recover a lost priceless treasure in the Sea of Japan However, upon arriving in Tokyo, they soon discover their mission is complicated and dangerous than they originally believed In order to prevent a natural disaster from striking Japan and killing millions, they must form an alliance with yakuza members, dive into shark infested waters and recover three ancient cursed swordsbefore time runs out.Rachel and Chase are experts in treasure hunting Their current assignment takes them to Japan When they arrive they realize they have gotten than they bargained for The sword they seek carries a curse that could pretty much wipe out Japan Desperate, they make alliances with some very dangerous people Rachel and Chase have than a working relationship They are bonded in many ways and must lean on one another during the most tense adventure they have ever experienced By tense, I mean TENSE The Japanese culture is very interesting I don t know a great deal about Japanese traditions but I believe the author did her homework There is a mystery, adventure, crime, a touch of the paranormal and romance Once I started this book I just couldn t stop reading it There is a lot going on and you will have to put aside any distractions and really pay attention This book is quite unlike any other book you may encounter in the mystery or paranormal genre I applaud the author s research and the ability to combine all the elements she used into one absorbing read One thing I should point out is that this book does contain a number of erotic sex scenes That is not a critisism it s just information I thought I should pass along Overall I enjoyed this one and would recommend it mystery suspense readers, paranormal romance readers and those that like action adventure I give this one an A 4 stars In this second installment of the Threads series, we find our two main characters, Chase and Rachel, heading off to Japan to help locate a treasured sword with a gem in the handle that was lost when a boat sank Along the way they encounter gangs, ninjas, and evil spirits and have to battle all and while trying to find the treasure and save Japan from the worst earthquake it has ever experienced This novel has so much action, action than all the others in this series so far put together I love the details the author put into this book, it really helped bring me into the story as if I was watching the fights and killings right in front of me, and of course like the previous book the author does a fantastic job at writing sex scenes that leave you all hot and bothered wink wink Action and sex are not the easiest to describe without the reader getting lost or having the scene come off as cheesy, so for this author to be able to do both in this book really is a tell to how good the book is Out of the three books in this series I have read so far this I will say is not my top favorite, but I did highly highly enjoy it, the reason I cannot say it was the best is I did not connect with the new characters introduced like I have in other books, especially the character that may be related to one of our treasure hunters, I just feel she was not in the novel enough to find that connection, but this may because she will appear in a future installment of this series where her storyline will be explained but for right now I just did not like her that much she was to simple Another reason is the fact that the main characters that the series surrounds are not in a lot of, there is so much focus on new characters that they take a back burner and that always to me takes away from a story since they are so good and are the main reason I fell in love with this series So in conclusion, I really liked this book and would highly recommend it, especially if you like action packed battles and hot steamy sex scenes with of course the normal personal relationship dramas And I would give this a strong 4 out of 5 stars, only downside is the limited connection with certain newly introduced characters and the limited appearance of the main characters. I wasn t sure what to expect when I first began reading This is a great book It has dangerous plots, passion, super natural, and even a treasure hunt all tied up in this great story called Buried Threads I felt the author is very familiar with Japanese culture as it shows throughout the story with both the clothing and customs It does have some steamy erotic scenes What I really enjoyed about this book is that it isn t predictable It was like being taken on an adventure and not quite knowing where it will lead I recommend this book to anyone looking for a mystery that is mixed with danger and passion. I received a free copy of this book for an unbiased review But honestly, if this book had been talked about in online groups or a top rating I would have picked this up anyways I LOVED the intensity this book brought Action, DANGER, lust, extreme ups, and downs are all there The cover is unique and beautiful Not that you should pick a book by its cover.Rachel and Chase are treasure hunters, but that might be the only normal basic part of this story There are monks, cursed swords, Yakuza and Geisha You get multiple characters points of view and it isn t jumbled or crazy You can follow it and get a clear idea and understanding of the character The intensity is brought here, like seriously Everyone is after this sword, and everyone has their own reasons The main character is even beheaded Only spoiler your getting.Honestly, I am probably going to read this book again soon It is so different than most of the other types of books out there It s a whole new culture and atmosphere to read about This is what really got me the most You can believe the world that is built actually exists You can feel the presence of the people I believe people should give this a shot Let s put it this way I am going to be picking up the first and third books in the series. Buried Threads a review by Rosemary KennyThree cursed legendary Samurai swords, created by the greatest maker of all time and lost stolen over the centuries from the Buddhist monks who were charged with protecting them One jewel hilted wakizashi has been located under water near Tokyo, Japan, while the other two remain hidden below ground in their owner s lost tomb According to mythology, those worthy to possess any all of the dead Prince s swords will acquire great powers, but an unworthy owner ie thief , will unleash a cataclysmic storm resulting in the swamping of vast areas of Japan and the loss of huge numbers of inhabitants Kaylin McFarren is rightly a multiple award winner and has herein produced a polished narrative starring Americans Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen, in her second novel in the Threads series, Buried Threads Brought in as treasure hunting experts by a Yakuza gangster, to recover the two swords daisho and shorter katana from their hiding places without any clear locations , the pair must work against the clock to beat the impending disaster Can they do it Read Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren to join in this amazing adventure, which would make a great film in the genre of Indiana Jones, Dirk Pitt or a Lara Croft I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, and I gave an honest review. Rachel and Chase are experts at recovering lost treasure and their next assignment is in Japan But all is not as it seems and what should be a straightforward job to retrieve an ancient Samurai sword turns out to be anything but Despite being slightly out of my comfort zone being unfamiliar with Japanese culture I soon relaxed into Buried Threads because I found myself in the hands of a talented writer, who knit together the threads of erotic romance, gangs, cults, mystery and Japanese society with consummate skill I ended up enjoying the mix of cultures the obvious physical attraction between Chase and Rachel, compared to the subtle but incendiary, highly charged Japanese eroticism In a book with an attractive Japanese monk, a surprise sibling, curses and decapitation the scene is set for a rollicking adventure The story grabs you, much like a screenplay, and this book could easily make the transition to Hollywood blockbuster. The treasure hunting adventure continues in book 2 and there s even than your average deep sea dive for recovering artifacts Both Rachel and Chase are off to tackle on a hunting task for a private client in the land of Japan Meeting up with their assigned Japanese associates Shinzo and Yuki to forge a plan to retrieve 3 traditional swords each completing a special and sacred collection The unexpected twists started from the very beginning and progressed throughout the rest of the book No denying that there s so much to the task than was lead to believe, in turn becoming of a challenge that no one expected.In Buried Threads, author Kaylin McFarren gives her readers a bit of a background story of our main character s Japanese associates that seemed startling than usual childhoods Since there is a history of another culture, we also are learning about the Japanese culture as we continue reading, giving pieces to this already massive puzzle Unknown curses attached to objects, similarly to grave robbery, everyone feels they re entitled to what s been hidden beneath the surface for a couple years, no one has been as brave as these four along with the rest of the team All sorts of emotions are invoked as you read through each chapter, realizing there are also supernatural behaviors lingering to stir some trouble along the way There was one particular secret that was kept from Rachel all these years, only to find out while being on the other side of the globe, which enlightens a brighter purpose of her needing to be in Japan.As to their discovery of the swords, a situation occurs where both Rachel and Yuki are captured in hopes of being used as bargaining chips in exchange for the collection of swords The fate of these characters lives are at stake and new developments are what keeps the reader s attention to find out what would happen next I truly enjoyed reading this book, it has invoked emotions of all sorts, even had me on the edge of my seat when the characters stared danger in the face, and I m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series I recommend anyone to continue this journey of discovery as the adventure and twists are beyond what anyone would imagine.

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