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Lost Hills PDF µ Kindle Edition I’ve read and adored this author’s two Ian Ludlow thrillers, and happily have an ARC of the third up soon While those are clever and funny spoofs of the action genre, this was atraditional straight police procedural that reads like an homage to the Harry Bosch series he is even mentioned so I’m not imagining it! It’s an exciting cinematicallywritten thriller, with a suitably kicka** heroine, but is just a little too derivative to earn 5 stars.Eve Ronin is the youngest detective in the LA Sheriff’s office, promoted from the burglary division after a video of her arresting a movie star for assault went viral, earning her the nickname Deathfist, and the antipathy of her new colleagues When the home of a young actress and her children is found drenched in blood, but with no bodies to be found, Eve is put in charge of the case How will she catch the killer when no one trusts her skills?I was pleased that this didn’t quite follow the usual murder mystery plot line and that the author manages to wrongfoot us about what’s going on I liked Eve even though in some respects she’s a carboncopy Driven Detective With Issues (but not an alcoholic, for a nice change.) Goldberg has imitated the slightly tedious Connelly habit of describing and naming every street our protagonist drives or rides down, which is probably fun if you know LA but to me felt like padding There are the usual departmental politics and difficult bosses, loveable sidekick and comic relief pair of detective colleagues.Overall this is an enjoyable first outing for a series that I’d be happy to continue, but hope that the author has the confidence to injectof his own style rather than mimicking Michael Connelly’s My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC which allowed me to give an honest review Lost Hills is available now. I’m so excited to share this shiny, new mystery thriller series from Lee Goldberg! My first book from him, and now I know why he’s a bestseller! Lost Hills is the first installment in the Eve Ronin series Eve becomes a high profile cop when she arrests an abusive movie star, and in turn, the sheriff promotes her due to the need for good press for the department You see, the arrest is wellreceived by the community, and Eve becomes popular overnight Now she’s the youngest female homicide detective on the force, and she’s green She has much to prove, too Eve’s first case involves a possible multiple murder This is her chance She has to find the bodies of the missing victims, solve the crime, find the killer, manage the media, while also helping the grieving family Will Eve prove herself worthy?Lost Hills is such a thrill ride Eve is an amazing character fallible and formidable at the same time You really get inside her head with this one, and the honestly in her thoughts was refreshing I’m not the most regular reader of police procedurals, but if they were always written in this style, I would be on board every time Overall, Lost Hills is a promising new series with a stellar main character to carry it It kept me guessing and invested, and I’m looking forward to book two! I received a complimentary copy.Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com [I'm not writing summaries despite the conventionyou can read those on the book description.]This book is for when you've finished your entire set of Michael Connelly books, and you really want to read something similar but aren't sure if you can take onelick of Harry Bosch's dark world.Don't get me wrong, this LA is still dark However, instead of Bosch's gritty downtown, it's the true crime world of the woodsy Santa Monica mountains And in true crime world, the decisions of criminals arebizarre, unsettling and unpredictable than they are downtown If downtown is creepy, at least it's a fairly predictable creepyyou have zero idea what's going on out there in the woods, people.Where Connelly's Bosch is a moody and irascible alpha dog, Goldberg's protagonist is the ambitious and intrepid parvenu Eve Ronin The characters are wellhandled, with enough description to visualize them but not so much you drown in the details Ronin's mother stands out as a particularly onlyinLA character.The action is fast, the premise is surprising, and Goldberg is a master of the genre hitting all of the right high and low points I really liked it but I dinged it 1star for feeling a little shallow? Lacks a higher order theme that challenges worldview the way a Connelly book might.Still Worth the time![I read an Advanced Reader Copy of this that I picked up in my Little Free Library.] In a world where everybody and their great aunt thinks they can write a police procedural, it's Lee Goldberg who shows us how it's done Set in Calabasas and Topanga, just west of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, the first book in the Eve Ronin series is a fastreading, hardtoputdown pageturner that draws the reader in from page one right to the end Ronin is a newly minted Sheriff's Homicide Detective, promoted to the chagrin of her colleagues based on a viral video of a celebrity arrest, Ronin proves her worth in solving a triple murder so bloody even the Manson clan would've been scared to enter The writing is smooth, and should find wide appeal The characters are drawn so well they come alive and the settings are legitimate It's obvious that the author has a strong familiarity with the area. I was attracted to this book by the promise of ‘the real world grit and glitz of LA County crime’ and ‘this book takes no prisoners’ Yeah, sounds right up my alley! I hadn’t come across Lee Goldberg before but a quick bit of research told me that he is the author ofthan half a dozen series as well as having written extensively for television OK, good enough for me, I’m in Deputy Eve Ronin was recently promoted to detective after a relatively short time on the force Her rapid rise was a result of her having arrested a film actor who had publicly struck his girlfriend, an incident filmed by a witness to the act The video went viral as soon it was uploaded to the web and this was seen as good publicity for the local police force and proved to be even better news for Eve Except that ever since she has suffered from continued ribbing from colleagues who constantly remind her that she didn't earn her promotion the hard way, as everyone else has had to It’s thrown doubt over her abilities to do the job, so what she really needs is a meaty case through which she can prove her worth.Eve’s partner is six months from retirement and keen to ease his way to the finish line So when a call pulls them to a house that, on the inside, lookslike an abattoir with the animals removed he takes a step back and gives her the lead What has happened here woman and her two children are missing, have they been slaughtered and the bodies removed? If so, who’s the perpetrator: perhaps an exhusband and father of the children or the current boyfriend? On the other hand, with no bodies on site it’s possible that this is an abduction case It’s all far from clear.The action takes place in the hills close to Malibu and the pace never lets up Eve is resourceful and driven, but she’s never led a case before and to make matters worse the local police hierarchy are quickly on her back demanding meaningful progress All the characters here are well drawn and Eve, in particular, is someone I’d really like to meet up with again And the overall story really grabbed me, it's well constructed and comes together with a really explosive finish A brilliant read and one that really did live up to the hype!My sincere thanks to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was eager to get my hands on this latest novel by Lee Goldberg, hoping that it would be as exciting and full of twists as some of his other work I was not disappointed with this crime thriller that kept me guessing as the story progressed Eve Ronin had her fifteen minutes of fame when she took down a criminal and someone posted the entire event to YouTube That notoriety has made her a household name in the Los Angeles environs and catapulted her into the highest ranks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department A new detective in the Homicide Squad, Ronin is still trying to get her feet under her, madedifficult when no one will take her seriously When Ronin and her partner are called to the home of a woman presumed missing, things take a turn for the worse There are some signs of a skirmish on the outside of the house, but when Ronin enters, things are horrific, with blood covering many of the walls and floors, and slashes over much of the furniture This dull day has turned into the search for a woman and her two young children, though the crime scene lends it to being a homicide investigation While Ronin must work with the crime scene techs, careful not to step on any toes, she is also trying to hunt down a killer Ronin tries to piece it all together when she is attacked at the crime scene This only spurs her on to find new suspects that might help her solve this case Could it be her exhusband, who lives hours away? Perhaps the boyfriend who has made it clear he cannot stand the children? All the while, she has a bad feeling about this case, which seems to thrust her into the limelight when all she seeks is to find justice for the victims Lee Goldberg has done it again as he keeps the story sharp and the narrative flowing Recommended for those who enjoy a great police procedural, as well as the reader who needs a quickread thriller to fill their reading list.I have always enjoyed Lee Goldberg novels when I have a chance to read them, as they are both full of information and succinct at the same time The crimes are realistic and there is just enough realism in the situations that I can almost picture myself with the story This new series could have some great potential and Eve Ronin is a wonderful protagonist Trying to step away from the limelight that was thrust upon her, she wants to do her job, but is constantly reminded of those fifteen minutes and one million clicks that her video amassed Still, she is gritty and determined to find her place within the Los Angeles community, even as her mother nags her to ‘get found’ Her skills are such that she never stops working and looking for that piece of the crime that everyone missed She is surrounded with many interesting characters, some of whom I hope make a return appearance in any forthcoming novels within the series The story itself flows well and keeps the reader’s attention There is still a period of trying to get a feel for the scenario, but the plot kept me wanting to learnand the narrative flows with ease Goldberg mixes chapter lengths to lure the reader in and keep their attention, which is effective in trying to make sense of this horrible crime I’ll be back forwhenever new books are added to this or his other series I have come to enjoy A perfect book for any reader looking to find a new author that might make a blip on their radar.Kudos, Mr Goldberg, for another wonderful piece I am eager to see what you have in store for fans soon!Like/hate the review? An evergrowing collection of others appears at: Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge: I loved this book! I love Lee Goldberg's Monk books too, but I do think this is the best thing he has written Homicide detective Eve Ronin is a brilliant, amazing protagonist, the supporting characters are very well portrayed, the pace is fast, the writing is excellent, the Calabasas area in the throes of Santa Ana winds and wildfire is vividly depicted, and the ending totally surprised me I'm eagerly looking forward to the next Eve Ronin book. This was a good solid read I choose to do this on audio and it was a shorter one but did not lack substance The narrator was good and I enjoyed the story I enjoyed the protagonist, sometimes with this genre I feel like it’s harder to connect with the characters but I thought this hadsubstance than most in that area It wasn’t too technical and kept me guessing It was very descriptive and felt original This is my first book by this author and I was not disappointed. So often, the protagonist in a police procedural is a grizzled old detective, who has been solving crimes for a coon’s age Here, we have Eve Ronin, a newbie to the Homicide department Plucked from the ranks after a viral video of her off duty arrest of an abusive movie star, she becomes the youngest detective in the department Needless to say, the other detectives don’t welcome her with open arms Her partner is six months away from retirement and already had one foot out the door So, when a gruesome homicide falls into their laps, she’s the one that has to solve the crime And gruesome is the key word This is not a book for those that want a cozy mystery But if you like dark and gritty, this one’s for you Goldberg has created a great MC in Eve She just felt so real as she struggles to find her way, making rookie mistakes, solve the murder and earn the respect of the other detectives The young murder victims have a lot in common with her youth growing up with a motherinto her acting “career” than being a mother In fact, her mom provides the teeny bit of humor there is The secondary characters aren’t well defined, but this one’s all about Eve This book is fast paced and picks up in intensity at the end I didn’t see that ending coming at all! I could see this being converted into a movie or miniseries It’s that action packed I listened to this and thought Nicol Zanzarella did a fine job. A detective’s brutal first case could make or break her career in an exhilarating thriller byNew York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg A video of Deputy Eve Ronin’s offduty arrest of an abusive movie star goes viral, turning her into a popular hero at a time when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is plagued by scandal The sheriff, desperate for positive press, makes Eve the youngest female homicide detective in the department’s historyNow Eve, with a lot to learn and resented by her colleagues, has to justify her new badge Her chance comes when she and her burnedout, soontoretire partner are called to the bloodsplattered home of a missing single mother and her two kids The horrific carnage screams multiple murder—but there are no corpsesEve has to rely on her instincts and tenacity to find the bodies and capture the vicious killer, all while battling her own insecurities and mounting pressure from the media, her bosses, and the bereaved family It’s a deadly ordeal that will either prove her skills…or totally destroy her

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