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[Ebook] ↠ The Great Pretender Author Susannah Cahalan – Plummovies.info From One Of America S Most Courageous Young Journalists NPR Comes A Propulsive Narrative History Investigating The Year Old Mystery Behind A Dramatic Experiment That Changed The Course Of Modern Medicine For Centuries, Doctors Have Struggled To Define Mental Illness How Do You Diagnose It, How Do You Treat It, How Do You Even Know What It Is In Search Of An Answer, In The S A Stanford Psychologist Named David Rosenhan And Seven Other People Sane, Normal, Well Adjusted Members Of Society Went Undercover Into Asylums Around America To Test The Legitimacy Of Psychiatry S Labels Forced To Remain Inside Until They D Proven Themselves Sane, All Eight Emerged With Alarming Diagnoses And Even Troubling Stories Of Their Treatment Rosenhan S Watershed Study Broke Open The Field Of Psychiatry, Closing Down Institutions And Changing Mental Health Diagnosis Forever But, As Cahalan S Explosive New Research Shows, Very Little In This Saga Is Exactly As It Seems What Really Happened Behind Those Closed Asylum Doors, And What Does It Mean For Our Understanding Of Mental Illness Today

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  1. Susannah Susannah says:

    A writer friend always rates her own books She explained that if she doesn t love her own book enough to give it five stars, how can she expect anyone else to do the same I like this mentality so here I go

  2. Julie Ehlers Julie Ehlers says:

    Back in the early 1970s, Dr David Rosenhan published the results of a study wherein he and several other people so called pseudopatients , none of whom had ever had mental health issues, attempted to get admitted to

  3. Nenia ☠️ Hecka Wicked ☠️ Campbell Nenia ☠️ Hecka Wicked ☠️ Campbell says:

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI was so excited to read this book because I loved her first book, BRAIN ON FIRE, which was her own journalism style memoir chronicling her experience with autoimmune encephalitis that man

  4. Judy Lesley Judy Lesley says:

    Susannah Cahalan and her family didn t want to accept her diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder even though her symptoms easily fit Instead they continued to search for what was happening to her, what was causing the symptoms she was

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    I received a free ARC from the publisher at BookCon As a school psychologist who sees rampant misdiagnoses of mental health conditions and autism I found this book to be such an interesting read I was familiar with some of the history she cove

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    Author Susannah Cahalan was diagnosed with schizophrenia except she had autoimmune encephalitis Like many, including myself, with autoimmune diseases, she was presumed to have a severe mental illness Luckily, during her hospitalization a different doct

  7. Carla (Carla& Carla (Carla& says:

    From Susannah Cahalan, author of the eye opening memoir Brain on Fire , The Great Pretender seeks to shed light again on the mental health world This one focuses on a pretty infamous study done in the 70 s where 7 perfectly healthy people get them

  8. Annie Annie says:

    The Great Pretender, by Susannah Cahalan, is one of the most extraordinary, best written works of nonfiction I think I ve ever read I have so much to say about it that I m honestly not sure where to begin This book takes on our existential fear of mental illness

  9. Sharon Sharon says:

    I found this a very interesting read, this study led to some major shifts in how mental illness was thought about, diagnosed and treated and so it s important that the study be real and accurate This is a well written and well put together account of what happened If you are int

  10. Bookish Bookish says:

    I m a big fan of Susannah Cahalan s first book Brain on Fire, and was super excited to learn that she had another work of nonfiction coming out later in 2019 The Great Pretender is about a group of people who went undercover in the 1970s as patients in America s asylums to see what the m

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