Bee People and the Bugs They Love PDF ´ People and

Bee People and the Bugs They Love PDF ´ People and A fascinating foray into the obsessions, friendships, scientific curiosity, misfortunes and rewards of suburban beekeeping through the eyes of a Master BeekeeperWho wants to keep bees And why For the answers, Master Beekeeper Frank Mortimer invites readers on an eye opening journey into the secret world of bees, and the singular world of his fellow bee keepers There s the Badger, who introduces Frank to the world of bees Rusty, a one eyed septuagenarian bee sting therapist certain that honey will be the currency of the future after the governments fail Scooby the dude who gets a meditative high off the awesome vibes of his psychedelia painted hives and the Berserker, a honeybee hitman who teaches Frank a rafter raising lesson in staving off the harmful influences of an evil queen Squash her, mash her, kill, kill, kill Frank also crosses paths with those he calls the Surgeons precise and protected , the Cowboys improvisational and unguarded and the Poseurs, ex corporate cogs, YouTube informed and ill prepared for the stinging reality of their new lives In connecting with this club of disparate but kindred spirits, Frank discovers the centuries old history of the trade the practicality of maintaining it what bees see, think, and feel emotionless but sometimes a little defensive how they talk to each other and socialize and what can be done to combat their biggest threats, both human anti apiarist extremists and mite the Varroa DestructorWith a swarm of offbeat characters and fascinating facts did that bee just waggle or festoon , Frank the Bee Man delivers an informative, funny, and galvanizing book about the symbiotic relationship between flower and bee, and bee and the beekeepers who are determined to protect the existence of one of the most beguiling and invaluable creatures on earth

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  1. Sofie Linda Sofie Linda says:

    Bee People and the Bugs They Love is a marvelously original, funny, inspirational look inside the world of suburban beekeepers The characters in this book are hilarious and at the same time oddly familiar The explanations and analogies are easy to understand, as the book describes everything about honeybees and beekeeping i

  2. Al Mellifera Al Mellifera says:

    Bee People and the Bugs They Love is the first book to answer the question What type of person keeps bees An inspiring combination of humorous and feel good stories about beekeepers intertwined with fascinating, up to date, and easy to understand information about honeybees It is NOT a how to book, as Bee People and the Bugs The

  3. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Just finished Bee People and the Bugs They Love, and really enjoyed it It was a fun read, with parts that had me laughing out loud as well as parts that had me cringing The author is really easy to relate to and his journey into the world of beekeeping is written in such a way that someone with no knowledge of bees or a fellow master

  4. Becky Becky says:

    This book will have you laughing out loud Mortimer introduces us to the many varied, and often eccentric, characters who make bees a part of their everyday lives, in the most readable, and delightful way Not a how to, but muchof a why, in regard to beekeeping, rich in history, science and anecdotes For anyone curious about bees, this book

  5. Aren Ginsberg Aren Ginsberg says:

    An informative and often hilarious look at the symbiotic relationship between flower and bee, and beekeepers and their hives Full of eccentric characters and fascinating facts, this book gave me a new appreciation for these amazing bugs

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