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[PDF / Epub] ☉ If You Must Know (Potomac Point, #1)  By Jamie Beck – Plummovies.info Life Turns Upside Down For Two Sisters In Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Jamie Beck S Emotional Novel About How Secrets And Differences Can Break Or Bind A FamilySisters Amanda Foster And Erin Turner Have Little In Common Except The Childhood Bedroom They Once Shared And The Certainty Each Feels That Her Way Of Life Is Best Amanda Follows The Rules At The School Where She Works In Her Community And As A Picture Perfect Daughter, Wife, And Mother To Be Erin Follows Her Heart In Love And Otherwise Living A Bohemian Lifestyle On A Shoestring Budget And Honoring Her Late Father S Memory With A Passion For Music And Her Fledgling Bath Products BusinessThe Sisters Are Content Leading Separate But Happy Lives In Their Hometown Of Potomac Point Until Everything Is Upended By Lies That Force Them To Confront Unsettling Truths About Their Family, Themselves, And Each Other For Sisters As Different As These Two, Building Trust Doesn T Come Easily Especially With One Secret Still Between Them But It May Be The Only Way To Save Their Family This book was a pleasant surprise I didn t know what to expect as I have never heard of the author, but I ended up really enjoying this one The characters and plot are both well developed, and the writing style is very easy to read I m giving this one a 4.5 star rating.I really like the characters in this book The plot revolves around two sisters and their mother One sister, Amanda, has been duped by her husband, and his treachery is impacting the whole family As they deal with the fallout from his betrayal, they must face their own limitations and learn how to be better versions of themselves I particularly like the two sisters Amanda and Erin are very different, and they have struggled to have a good relationship because of it Their current struggles bring them closer and help them to recognize that their differences are not a barrier In fact, they are able to make each other stronger I do not care for their mother, however She is overly concerned with appearances and gossip, so much so that she is willing to lose all her money and act illegally just to keep from being the center of scandal I do not understand that She frustrated me throughout the book By the end of the book, I felt attached to this family and their story The story itself moves at a nice pace with no boring or tedious sections The chapters are a little long at times, but it wasn t really an issue It kept my interest throughout It looks like this will be a part of some kind of series, so I am interested to see what comes next I will definitely continue to read books by this author. If You Must Know is women fiction book that follows lives of two sisters Amanda and Erin, when they lives implode after certain things come to light These two are very different Amanda is married one, kindergarten teacher, the introvert, always doing the right thing On the other hand Erin is free spirited, yoga instructor, taking life how it comes, tells it like it is The whole family is dealing with still fresh loss of their father But everything is worse when Amanda finds out that her husband is having an affair Erin love life is no better after her ex boyfriend steals her valuable music records They all have to come to terms with all the trouble they are facing individually and together as a family Pros good writing pace of the story interesting story line Erin and Amanda opposites makes for good points of view from both sides family relationships I am glad that Amanda and Erin worked on their issues and sister bondCons ending is of happy for now which is subjective thing that I didn t like very much besides main issues with Amanda s husband nothing really resolved with certainty, which again can be my subjective thing I am left curious did I miss what is going on with their mother health I am unhappy how relationship between Erin and her mother is dealt with, through out the book she is awful to her and than everything is good in one sentence very little romance Overall, this is a solid novel It is a first in a series and I am not sure which characters will next book be about but Potomac Point is excellent small town setting I read this author before and her work now it reminds me of the transition that Kristan Higgins did years ago I m excited for what is to come 3,5 starsThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion Note from the author Thank you for considering reading and reviewing my next novel, IF YOU MUST KNOW This book is special to me because it s my first foray into writing mainstream fiction When I decided to pivot away from romance, my goal was to craft something entertaining and a bit escapist while also maintaining some heart Like most of my previous books, this one involves a complicated family But while many family stories trade in material secrets or substantial betrayals, I ve chosen to explore the ways common sibling rivalries and petty jealousies affect family dynamics and individuals perceptions of themselves and of one another.I drew inspiration for elements of this sister story s plot from two sources my mother s best friend, who, at 74 years old, sold her house and now sails the East Coast and Caribbean year round on her trawler and the many stories my best friend s husband, a forensic accountant, has told us throughout the years For the bit of whimsy needed to lighten up the fictional family s grieving of their fallen patriarch, I turned to my mother in law, a medium, to thread in the possibility of this trio of women communicating with the dead My research took me everywhere from speaking with multiple law enforcement professionals to learning to make homemade sugar scrubs, so I had a lot of fun while writing this novel I hope that joy bleeds through and adds to your reading experience.In the end, I want the message most people take away from the story to be that our attitudes toward others often determine their attitudes toward us And don t worry, there s still a little love story woven into this tale XO Jamie B If you must know is a great story about two sisters and their mother that are trying to support each other through some very difficult situations The suspense kept me on edge at all times and I enjoyed the point of view of each character and their so different life story The deceitful husband, the thought decisions that Amanda has to take to protect her unborn child, the mental health issues raised by their mother and the finding her way in life of Erin , all together made for a great few hours of a Sunday afternoon reads.

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