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!!> Download ➾ The Pleasure Plan  ➹ Author Laura  Zam – Plummovies.info Based On Popular Essays In New York Times Modern Love And Salon, As Well As An Off Broadway One Person Play, The Pleasure Plan Is A Sexual Healing Odyssey, A Manifesto For Women To Claim Pleasure As A Priority, And A Love Story All At OnceFifty Percent Of Adult Women Have Some Form Of Sexual Dysfunction At Some Point Of Their Lives, Preventing Them From Enjoying Vibrant, Soul Satisfying Sex Such Was The Case With Laura Zam, Who Suffered The Blame, Shame, And Embarrassment Of Feeling Bedroom Broken For Her, Delving Between The Sheets Meant Physical Pain, Zero Desire, And Emotional Scars From Being Molested In Her Early Years However, In Her Late Forties, After Meeting And Marrying The Love Of Her Life, Zam Was Determined To Finally Fix Her Sensual Self This Is Her Brave And Bawdy Plan To Triage Her Flaccid Romantic Life, Stepping Into A Void Where Intimacy, Self Love, And Playfulness Could Be Experienced The Full Monty Of Eros That Had Been Missing From Her Existence The Pleasure Plan Is What Happened When She Decided To Challenge Her Hopelessness In Partnership With Her Initially Reluctant Husband, She Visited Healers And Tried Pleasure Enhancing Methods From Dilators And Dildos, To Hypnosis And Hosting A Sex Brunch, To Cleansing Chakras, To Making Love To Her Husband In Front Of A Geriatric Tantric Goddess Packed With Humor, Heart, And A Healthy Dose Of Prescriptive Advice, This Book Chronicles Zam S Insight As She Confronts Many Issues From Mismatched Libidos To Female Erection Enlightenment Throughout This Journey, She And Her Husband Grow As Individuals And As A Couple, Both In And Out Of The Bedroom Fearlessly Honest And Full Of Inspiration, Zam Peels Back The Layers Or Covers And Exposes Her Foibles, Insecurities, And Eventual Wisdom As She Excavates Past Traumas, Accepts And Embraces Her Worth, And Claims Her Right To Be Completely Alive Today, Laura Works As A Sexuality Educator, Wellness Coach, And Speaker Helping Other Women Who Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction, The Effects Of Trauma, Or Those Who Would Simply Like Pleasure Of All Kinds In Their Lives She Also Consults With Health Care Providers So They May Better Assist Their Clients In Achieving Sexual Well Being While The Pleasure Plan Is Zam S Personal Narrative, It Demystifies Pervasive Taboos, Encouraging Women To Make Pleasure A Priority, While Teaching Them How To Claim Or Reclaim The Power Of Their Sexual Selves It Also Shows Men How They Can Support Their Partners In This Metoo Era Healthy, Sultry Intimacy Is A Right It Is Time For Women To Learn Through Glorious Trial And Error How To Embrace The Sensual Side Of Themselves Exuberantly And Unabashedly The Pleasure Plan by Laura Zam Honestly, I wasn t sure what to expect from this book going in but as soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to read it I m in a group with other writers whose releases have been affected by Covid 19, and we each decided to buy and review 5 other books from the group When I saw Laura Zam s book, I was so intrigued And part of this is because I am asexual I don t experience sexual attraction so reading a book about sexual wellbeing and learning how to heal so you can enjoy sex appealed to me because I was curious Sexual attraction and sex drives are outside of my own experience And I do like reading about things I don t experience or don t identify with I am also a massive fan of medical memoir, and I read this whole book in under a day The Pleasure Plan is part medical memoir, part self help book Zam tells us her story of healing from sexual trauma and her experiences of vaginismus, a physiological condition that makes vaginal penetration difficult or impossible, due to the body s reaction to fear instigating muscle spasms This is such a personal story and I really commend Zam in writing it It can t have been easy, and the prose is well written and the story insightful She examines various medical professionals views toward female sexual experiences and sexuality, also examining the agency needed when one seeks out a diagnosis She also explored her celibate year and what her sexuality means for her This book is so, so personal I think that s one thing that really surprised me It recounts some very intimate moments in her search for sexual healing, and in doing so, Zam makes herself vulnerable This book reveals her bravery But this book isn t just about sex It s also about her marriage and her husband It s about the experiences that shaped her, the childhood sexual abuse she suffered, and how assault is about power It s an examination of her past relationships and patriarchal cultures It s also a story about her family and friends too, those who support her, and how they ve been subjected to the negatives of patriarchal culture It s about Zam s work as a playwright and the one person play she also wrote on this topic It s about her examining her pain from many different angles as she seeks to heal herself The Pleasure Plan is a very feminist text Zam encourages women to take control of their bodies and shows them that their pleasure is important It s the feminist slant that I was really able to engage with As an asexual, I didn t really identify with Zam s desire to fix her sexual problems, not on a personal level, but I did find it really interesting Particularly the examination of sexual drive and Zam s year of celibacy I was also really pleased to see it called celibacy as often it s mistakenly referred to as asexuality but right from the start, Zam tells us she s a sexual being and doesn t identify as asexual, so I was really pleased about this distinction Zam tells us of the many professionals she consulted and one of them one of the first in the book did say it is fine to have no libido I really appreciated this as so often asexuals are treated as if there s something wrong with us that needs fixing We re often viewed as broken And so when Zam questions the idea of being broken at the start what if I m just broken this was something that really engaged me and that I was able to relate to, albeit Zam was talking about the painful sex she experienced, and not identifying as asexual and being perceived as broken because of others views on asexuality But when you look at Zam s experiences without focusing on sex and her quest for sexual healing, you see the statements that she s also making about female health care And these are universal things Zam shows us how female health is often seen as of lesser importance than male health It seems women are expected to endure some pain and often female pain isn t taken seriously or it s just seen as normal At one point in the book, Zam tells us of how she hides her pain, feeling ashamed to talk about it, only to discover she s actually got complications from appendicitis and is at risk of becoming septic The doctor tells her she must have a high pain threshold and I think this is a part that really spoke to me Because this memoir highlights female resilience in a society where female pain isn t talked about and thus female resilience is often overlooked or ignored The writing itself is really good and it s clear Zam is a writer All the other people in her book have great descriptions and characterisation, and Zam is at times analytical in how these people s behaviour is shaped by their own experiences These people feel real The workbook self help sections did throw me a little Each chapter ends with a little section where the reader is invited to work on healing from their own sexual trauma or dysfunction so they can enjoy sex Obviously I am not the target market here, but I have never seen this format before in a medical memoir It made it fresh and new, even if I was surprised at first But for those reading this book because they also want sexual healing, I can really see how these parts will be helpful Overall, this is a thoughtful and insightful memoir that I m sure will have significant value to many women seeking sexual healing. The Pleasure Plan by Laura Zam is a very personal medical memoir and a self help book that was exceptionally well written, beautifully expressed, and sensitively addressed women s sexuality issues The stories shared are funny and heartfelt, yet deeply personnal Women s sexuality is a very important topic most especially for those women who have suffered any type of trauma Laura Zam is a sexuality educator that is also a Certified Trauma Professional, and I found her voice in this guide and memoir as the subject matter expert in this topic based on her extensive research, as well as her own personal experiences.Laura Zam shared very intimate details of her life and relationships including her sexual dysfunction In doing this, she has made herself very vulnerable and I found this to be such a courageous act to share with her readers In discussing this topic, many women fear being judged and misunderstood, or maybe it s a taboo subject based on their religious or cultural upbringing I commend Zam for her bravery in writing this very important topic that women can benefit from, especially those who feel broken The book is presented into three parts and each of the chapter ending has a self help tip and journal entry prompts to encourage self evaluation and introspection on the topics addressed An extensive resource and guide is also provided at the end, in the Appendix on a listing of medical professionals that can help such as Gynecologists, sex therapists and even pelvic floor Physical Therapists to name a few As a medical professional reading this beautifully written memoir and guide, I highly recommend this book. I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley and HCI Books in exchange for my review.CW sexual assaultWOW, I really enjoyed this book Laura Zam just took me on such a rollercoaster ride of emotions it felt like I was truly along for the ride as she visited specialist after specialist seeking answers to her pain Her mother was very anti doctor, so Laura learned late in life what some probably consider basic reproductive health I am so glad she shared these things as someone who grew up in the evangelical church, I learned quite a bit from Laura s quest for healing I also enjoyed the challenges that her end of chapter questions posed.

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